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Services Questions

What kind of Proxies do you have? Data Center or Residential IPs?

Whether it's Residential or Data Center Proxies, we provide a variety of geo-locations and specs based on your needs. From Netflix to Shopify, from VPNs to Web Scraping, our IPs match them all. Moreover, we offer both at Data Center speed. Most Residential IPs in the market face the same bandwidth issue, but not with us. Our IPs, both Residential and DC, have the same satisfying level of speed.

Do you have fresh IPs?

Yes, we can provide you fresh IPs if needed.

Can you provide warmed up IPs?

No, this service is not included. PubConcierge provides clean IP allocations, with a good reputation, but the warm-up process falls under the customer's responsibility.

Do you have servers as well?

We offer you the option to choose between Dedicated or Virtual Servers, hosted in various locations around the world. You can choose from our pre-configured Data Centers or you can customize your server with your own specs.

What is Compliance Monitoring?

We monitor the IPs for any type of Spamhaus listings or afferent Spamcops and send them to our partners so they can take the necessary action. We are familiar with setting up feedback loops (FBL) in order to help you keep a clean record.

Do you offer technical support?

We have a dedicated technical support team, which can be approached 24/7 for any issues that may occur via email or directly on our Zendesk interface.

Can you make recommendations for emailing connected services, besides IP allocations?

Over the years we have partnered with reputable companies that provide services like: List Hygiene, Data providing, SMTP services etc. that we can warmly recommend and with whom we can provide an introduction.

General Questions

How can I access the IPs?

You will receive your IP class via GRE tunneling, through a dedicated server or VPS or we can route them straight to your server.

When can I start using the service?

You can start using the requested service slates after 48h of receiving your payment confirmation.

Can you offer IPs via LOA for Proxy projects?

Based upon the type of projects and volumes requested, we are flexible to discuss this option of leasing our resources. We do request that the quantity is at least a /22 or higher, but we already work with clients to which we lease via changing the ASN and we are happy to do that for you as well.

How do you test IPs for Proxy?

Whether it's Scraping, Shoe Proxy or VPN, we offer checkups for all those markets before giving them out for test. However, we are always happy to check the IPs based on your criteria to be 100% sure you receive exactly what you are looking for.

Do you offer rotating IPs?

No, we do not have this type of service.

What geo-locations do you offer? Can you provide IP allocations from a specific geo-location?

We offer a wide variety of geo-locations, predominantly from ARIN and RIPE. We have a worldwide presence, which allows us to provide a wide availability of geo-locations. We make considerable efforts to offer a great diversity of resources to our customers.

Can I set rDNS on IP addresses?

Yes, we allow rDNS on our IPs. You must provide clean domains only.

How do you set up rDNS?

Like most in this industry, we update the PTR records for each individual IP. However, we do request additionally that you provide us with 2 name servers linked to two IPs, to hold the zone files on our end or on your end if you want to raise the PTRs yourself.

Do you offer an MTA software?

No, we do not provide such services. You will have to bring your own if necessary.

Can I test my IPs before paying?

We offer a test period of maximum 24h from the moment the IPs were routed to you for testing. Exceptions can be made for unique cases.

Do you have bandwidth limitations?

One of our unique selling points is that we don't impose traffic limit. Our bandwidth meets the top standards and clients are always happy.

What makes you different from other providers?

We make sure you receive high quality products by pretesting the IPs (telnet) before sending them to you and we offer rDNS setup assistance. We are ensuring service stability due to our 24/7 technical support (ticket based). Our team is continuously monitoring the classes for any type of Spamcops, so your domain reputation won't be affected. Moreover, for any problem or concern, you have a dedicated account manager available to assist.

Troubleshooting Questions

What happens if one IP gets listed?

In this case, the CSS Listed IPs will be sent to you to remove them from production. We do not cut off the service.

Can you swap the IPs during the commitment period if they get blocked?

The IPs can be swapped at any time, but an additional cost will be applied. PubConcierge strives to keep all resources clean, with the help of our compliance team, by constant communication and by sharing best practices.

What happens if I have an issue with my server?

In the unlikely event that your service is affected, our team of technicians will do everything possible to solve the issue rapidly. They can be contacted through our helpdesk email address or directly on call for emergencies.

Billing & Pricing Questions

What payment methods do you offer?

We accept wire transfers, Paypal and credit card. For Paypal and credit card payments, you will be charged an extra 5% for the service processing fees.

What are the scores/pricing for IPs?

Pricing depends on the number of IPs required, ISP you are sending to if you will be mailing and the commitment period.

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